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Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. The charity provides and support to homeless young people.
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About Us

Transforming communities
NearestNow is the cool new way to get connected in the community in the UK and worldwide. I'ts fun, it's free and you can help the environment. Our aim is to connect communities and help businesses and organizations acheive their sustainability objectives.

Using the latest technologies
The site is developed using the latest open source industry standard web technologies and designed to be mobile first, i.e. it is optimised for mobile devices.

Laravel 7.11
The site is created using the Laravel 7 PHP mvc framework and the latest industry standard technologies.
ES6 (Object oriented JavaScript) has been used to generate dropdown menus.
Vue.js has been used to create the category menus from objects and arrays.
The for the optimum user experience, Angular is used to dynamically generate form fields.
Bootstrap 3
Page content is created using Bootstrap styling, for easy maintenance and a consistent user experience.
Facebook or Google login
The site offers Oauth login, to enable users to sign in securely with your Facebook or Google account when creating an advert.
Restful API
Oauth login also requires provision of a restful api to enable Facebook/Google to remove user details on user account deactivation.
Adverts are created using the Tinymce WYSIWYG editor.

Sustainability in business
Onetreeplanteds One-for-One campaign is a simple and great way to get help the environment! You can plant one tree for every product or service sold, donate a percentage of sales, set up a recurring donation, or tie tree planting into your social media campaigns.

10p in every pound spent on premium full page advertising will go directly to Onetreeplanted.org


NearestNow supports One Tree Planted, a charity with a mission to help global reforestation efforts. The organization is built on a network of individuals, businesses, and schools who either donate monitarily or volunteer to help plant trees around the world.

We help businesses and organizations acheive their sustainability objectives. 10p in every pound spent on premium full page advertising will go directly to One Tree Planted.